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If you are an Android users then you would like Motivational Quotes for Success application available in Android market.

Looking for motivation to improve the quality of you life?

Motivational Quotes for Success. Great quotes from great minds. 1000 reasons to move ahead in life and reach for your goals.
Android Success Quotes Collection
Motivational Quotes Android Collection
I put this collection of quotes together to help you stay motivated and focused. All we have to do is stay motivated and keep acting on our goals. I hope this application will give you an extra push to reach for your goal and achieve success and all the achievements life has to offer.
Key features:
– Paginated list for quick access
– Set quote as favorite and quickly browse through the favorites.
– Quick sharing feature that enables to share via sms, Facebook and other sharing apps.
– Home Widget that changes the quote every day.

Download Motivational Quotes from Google Android Market page.