Welcome to Holy Bible Quotes App.

This Application has been developed with the idea of bringing comfort, knowledge, inspiration and encouragement to all those using this great app. Life is often challenging, but the Bible teaches us how to live our lives and cope with our problems.

In this Application we’ve taken thousands of Bible verses and appropriately arranged them into different meaningful categories. This has been done to facilitate your search for answers from God’s Holy Word regarding any type of situation, good or bad, that you may be facing.

Bible Verses Categories: [qr]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piapps.biblequotes[/qr]


These are just some of the important Categories listed here. Many more new Categories and bible quotes to be updated often. So stay tuned for new bible verses and exciting features all the time.


-King James Version (KJV) and The World English Bible (WEB) two of the most popular bible versions are currently supported.
-Swipe gestures to navigate trough verses
-Largest quaity collection of Bible Verses: 1300+ and counting
-Filters (you can specify which Book (Psalms, Proverbs …) and categories (Anger, Family …) you want the app to display bible verses)
-Widget Support (Bible Quotes change every day)
-Quick sharing feature that enables to share bible verse via sms, Facebook and other sharing apps.
-Bookmark bible quotes and quickly browse through the favorites.

Download Bible Verses from Android Play.