Psychologists Say :

Psychologists Say :

1) If A Person Laughs Too Much,

Even At Stupid Things,

He Is Lonely Deep Inside.

2) If A Person Sleeps A Lot,

He Is Sad.

3) If A Person Speaks Less,

But Speaks Fast,

He Keeps Secrets.

4) If Some One Can’t Cry,

He Is Weak.

5) If Some One Eats In An Abnormal Manner,

He Is Tensed.

6) If Some One Cries On Little Things,

He Is Innocent &


7) If Some One Becomes Angry Over Silly Or Petty (Small) Things,

It Means He Needs Love……

Try To Understand People.

We are living in such a World,

where Artificial Lemon Flavour is used for

Welcome Drink


Real Lemon is used in Fingerbowl .!!

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