Trust Me!

“I love you!” he whispered in her
ear. His warm breath fell on her
skin, tickling her a bit and sending
shivers to her spine.

She could just blush and smile as
the night had brought magic to
them. To add to the magic was their
overflowing love.

It was Drishti’s first night out with
her boyfriend Samrat.
They were new in this game of love.

It’s been just two months that they
discovered their love for each other
and had vowed to spend their lives

He was 17 and she was 16.
She still got goosebumps at the
memory of Samrat’s proposal to her.
How he kneeled down to propose
her at a random coffee outing and
how she had felt so damn special for
the very first time in her life.

It was a moment that she had
always cherished.
And now she was enjoying a magical
night with the love of her life.
But Drishti was a bit skeptic about
her presence with Samrat at that
point of time. Her mind didn’t allow
her to spend that night with Samrat
as she still had a notion to give time
to the relationship. But love has no
bounds, it makes us do everything
for the happiness of our partner and
so did Drishti.

She was lost in the ambience of
Samrat’s room who was home alone
for few days and so the sleepover
was planned.

Pushing all her negative thoughts
away, Drishti just wanted to get
drowned in Samrat’s love and

He was staring at her. He looked
deeper into Drishti’s eyes to notice
the battle of thoughts that she was

But he remained quiet. With a
smile, he kept looking at her.
Moments passed with them
engrossed in each other’s eyes and
then Samrat leaned to Drishti.
Drishti’s heart raced and she felt
anxiety building inside her body.

“I know you’re not comfortable
Drishu…” Samrat said with a smile.
Drishti looked at him, motionless.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have
called you here at this point of time.
But please don’t get me wrong. I
just wanted to spend this night,
with you around me. Because I miss
you every second when you’re not
with me and i want to spend every
moment with you, making memories.
I’m not into lust sweetheart. I want
to marry you. I see my future with
you. And trust me, I will not even
touch you if you’re uncomfortable.”
he said his heart out.

A tear dripped down Drishti’s eye.
She took a step closer to Samrat and
pressed her lips on his lips. They
drowned in the pleasures of their
first kiss that echoed the room.

They spent the rest of the night
cuddling and kissing. The innocent
love grew much stronger that … <3

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