Naughty Sunny Leone

Once the famous superstar Rajinikanth sent a non-veg joke to an innocent girl.

Now we know that girl as Sunny Leone!


Whats The Similarity Between Sunny Deol And Sunny Leone?

They Both Shout A Lot In Their Movies!

If Sunny Leone gets married to Sunny Deol. She will become Sunny Deol!


Sunny Leone participates in Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Amitabh: Which is your favourite round in KBC?

Sunny Leone: After lot of thinking says… Fastest Finger First!


Sunny Leone arrived at a Railway Station for a shooting..

Bhikhari: Behanji 1 rupaiya dedo…

Sunny Leone gave him 1000 Rs.

Secretary: Why u gave him 1000 Rs..?

Sunny Leone: Pehli bar kisi ne behan kaha ha, dil bhawuk ho gaya!


Postal department has issued Sunny Leone stamps.

Men are confused which side to lick and which side to stick!


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