Karwachauth Ka Vrat aur Chitragupt ki Duvidha

Chitragupt bahut badi duvidha mein the…

Wo Brahma ji ke paas gaye aur bole.. ki

Its difficult to fulfill Indian wives’ wishes

They keep Karva Chauth

and they want the same husband for the next 7 janams.

Brahma asked : why?

Chitragupt bole:

Prabhu, badi duvidha hai,

The ladies want the same husband


The husbands want a new wife.

Its A Problem To convince both…….

Brahma: But this can’t be stopped. yeh to puratan kal se chala aa raha hai…

Just then Narad Muni appears and says: On earth there is a great person called Santa Singh. Ask him for a Solution.

Chitragupta meets Santa Singh..

In one minute Santa Singh solves the Problem :

He Advised Chitragupta:

”Any lady who wants the same husband will also get the same MOTHER IN LAW…… ” :-D

Happy Karwachauth 2014


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