Wife’s Answers and What they mean

You ask your wife something and she says: “Wahan rakha hai..”

This “wahan” can be either:

1. On the table.

2. Or any of th 26 drawers in kitchen.

3. or Antarctica..!!!

When wife says:”Woh laa do..”.., It can be

1. Her Lipstick .

2. Or milk from market.

3. Or an AK 56..!!!

When wife says:”Yeh kya hai..??” It can be:

1. Your Pyjamas on the floor.

2. Or beer 6-pack in fridge.

3. Or a Drone flying over Afghanistan.!!

When wife says: “Tumhe kabhi kuch samajh nahi aata..”…It can be about:

1. A new mushy WhatsApp msg.

2. Or Einstein’s theory of Relativity.

3. Or her latest spending spree in Mall…!

When wife says:”Ab bahot ho gaya…” …It can be:

1. The mascara she is putting.

2. Or the amount of Anthrax that needs to be put in a Biological Weapon.

3. Or the latest spat she has had with your mother..!!!

And….when wife says:

“Main kaisi lag rahi hoon?”


It just puts you in a fix which Arjun had faced in Mahabharata, just before the war started.. as to whether you should follow Dharma Or Karma…!!!!


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