Girls SMS Archive

Realize value & respect girls

Why girls get married n go 2 a strangers home?

Cause they are blessed angles of the Almighty,
After filling their own home with color of Happiness,
They go away 2 colour others home,
realise the values of gals n respect them

Degrees of girls!

Degrees of girls!
B.A.-Beautiful Angel
B.E.-Beautiful Eyes
B.Sc.-Beautiful Structure
B.Com-Beautiful Communication
M.B.A.-Married But Awesome!

Women Won’t Play

“ Women wont play football not coz they aren’t gud at
But coz its against their ego to b dressed up exactly like
10 other women in front of 10,000 people.. ;-)

Girls Pura din

Girls Pura din ghar me
Bartan Manjati aur kapde sukhati hongi.
Jab raat ko MSG Karke pucho ke..
Pura din kaha thi??

To reply ata hai… “Kuch nhi, was jst hanging out wid frnds.”