X-Rated SMS Archive

Shakki Wife: Aaj Theek Se Nahi Kar ….

Varieties Of Wife-

Aalsi Wife: Aaj Kapdey Utaarney Ka Mood Nahi, Aise Hi Karlo

Gussey Wali Biwi: Don’t Cum In My Mouth Nahi Toh Kaat Lungi.

Chhedne Wali Wife: Jab Mai College Me Thi Toh Mera Bf 4-5 Baar Kar Leta Tha

Confused Wife: Do Me From Behind… No No It Will Pain Aage Se Hi Kartey Hain.

Selfish Wife: Mera Ho Gaya, Main So Rahi Hun.

Shakki Wife: Aaj Theek Se Nahi Kar Rahey Kahin Baahar Kar Ke Aaye Ho? .

Three pregnant woman were

Three pregnant woman were sitting in a Gynea’s waiting room (of course, one was blonde, one was a redhead and one was a brunnette). The brunette proudly says “I’m gonna have a son ‘coz my husband was on top!” Then the red says “If that’s the case, then I’m gonna have a daughter ‘coz I was on top!”. All of a sudden the blonde gets hysterical and cries “I’M GONNA HAVE PUPPIES!”