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Rap by Ranveer Singh

Rap by Ranveer Singh

Meri kahani mein yeh kaisa mod aaya,

Chauthi hi picture ne 100 crore kamaya,

Buy original, piracy ki maa ki,

Meri yeh policy hai urvashi take it easy,

Kabhi kabhi kar leta hun main batameezee,

Gunda hun main mere tevar hain kuchh aise,

Tv walon mere ghar pahuncha dena paise.

By Palak

for Ranveer

Aise mahaul mein reh reh ke,

Mera dum hai ghut gaya,

Main to ainvaiy ainvaiy lut gaya..

For Arjun Kapoor

Main hoon apki lalli,

Aap hain mere lalla,

Chhalla, mera aashiq chhalla valla.


Bihar School Teacher’s killer English

Bihar school teacher’s killer English: .

1. Pick up the paper n fall in the dust-bin!

2. Both of you three, stand together separately!

3.Will u hang that calendar or I’ll “HANG MYSELF!”

4.Tomorrow call ur parents especially mother and father!

5.Why r u luking at the monkey outside when Im in the class…?

6.I hv 2 daughters: both r girls.

7.Stand in the midle of the corner!

8.The boy behind the last boy, please stand up..!! …

The bride kissed her

The bride kissed her father and placed some thing in his hand.                                                He announced; Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the luckiest day of my life. Then he raised his hands with what his daughter gave him and continued…..                                    My daughter finally, finally returned my Credit card to. me.  The whole audience including the priest erupted in laughter….except the Groom. 