[*Best Gift Ideas] for your 25th Year Wedding Anniversary for Him or Her

25th Year Marriage Anniversary Gift for Him

The gemstone representative of the 25th wedding anniversary is green garnet, the anniversary color is silver and the anniversary flower is the iris. These symbols can contribute to great ideas for a perfect 25th wedding anniversary gifts.

25th Year Marriage Anniversary

There are so many silver items that can be given as anniversary gifts such as personalized anniversary cross, personalized wedding anniversary plate or an engraved silver wedding anniversary plate, anniversary personalized glass frame, silver or gold plated fortune cookie with message, religious heart anniversary plaque, silver bevel anniversary clock, personalized anniversary wind chime, engraved diamond band rings, sterling silver necklaces, anniversary filigree cross, personalized anniversary plate with silver rim, personalized anniversary poem in glass frame, silver anniversary rose and anniversary silver swirl flutes.

25th Year Marriage Anniversary Gift for Him

Silver jewelry can be a very fashionable gift. These items to be given as gifts can be personalized silver jewelry, diamond silver jewelry, Swarovski and crystal jewelry, silver colored steel watches for both the husband and wife and silver engraved cuff links. There are also other silver gifts such as engraved silver chopsticks, silver champagne set, personalized silver can cooler for the husband, engraved silver money clip, engraved desk globe, beautifully hand-crafted silver mirrors, imported sterling silver art vases, silver home décor, silver oak gift basket, personalized leather and silver wine opener, engraved wind chimes, silver collectible coins, personalized serving tray with silver swirls and a silver Buddha.

25th Year Marriage Anniversary Gift for Her

Other 25th wedding anniversary gifts can be twenty five French chocolates, personalized pewter plate, photo plate with silver trim, anniversary gift baskets, wine club membership, books and videos reminiscent of their twenty five years of togetherness, personalized grand chime clock, silver-toned decorative platter, family heirloom with quilt with pictures, collage newspaper clippings from wedding year, family tree illustration and preserving and restoring old family photos. Other wedding gift ideas are silver paper weight for the office desk, silver key rings and a trip to a place, a resort or hotel that may have a name or connotation to silver to give certain flair to that gift.

It will also be a nice treat to wrap any of the mentioned gifts in silver paper and ribbon or a silver box. It would also be a fancy gift to write little messages with a silver ink in a card and tag it to the gift. If the family is having a luncheon or a banquet to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary, it will be creative to have all the tapestries in silver to commemorate the event.


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