Latest Collection of 200+ Free Whatsapp Happy Status Messages

Free Whatsapp Happy Status

Free Whatsapp Happy Status

Here in this post, we are going to update you 200+ collection of WhatsApp Happy status messages in English that you can share with your friends in WhatsApp. These are all one liner WhatsApp status messages, so you will get a good response after sharing it as your WhatsApp status.

Are you looking for a collection of WhatsApp happy status messages and quotes, you will be glad to know that your finding has end here and you have just reach to the right place where you will get 200+ happy status for WhatsApp and Facebook. You can download or copy them freely from our blog post and post them directly to your WhatsApp status. If you are in a happy mood or you want to express your love for someone you can use this WhatsApp happy status messages and quotes in English with them.

We have also a collection of WhatsApp happy status messages in Hindi. You can take them in the other post of a blog. So let’s stick to our point about WhatsApp status for happy mood messages and quotes. Without wasting much time let’s update you all the happy status about love messages for WhatsApp.

Happiness Resides Not In Possessions And Not In Gold; The Feeling Of Happiness Dwells In The Soul.

The Best Way To Make Your Dreams Come True Is To Wake Up.

A Skillful Man Reads His Dreams For Self-Knowledge, Yet Not The Details But The Quality.

Never Test How Deep The Water Is With Both Feet.

The Richer You Get, The More Expensive Happiness Becomes.

Parachute For Sale, Used Once, Never Opened!!

My Wife Dresses To Kill. She Cooks The Same Way.

Happiness Is Not Achieved By The Conscious Pursuit Of Happiness; It Is Generally The By-Product Of Other Activities.

Action May Not Always Bring Happiness:but There Is No Happiness Without Action.

The Happiness Of Your Life Depends Upon The Quality Of Your Thoughts; Therefore Guard Accordingly.

People With Many Interests Live, Not Only Longest, But Happiest.

Our Waking Hours Form The Text Of Our Lives, Our Dreams, The Commentary.

Hope Is The Dream Of The Waking Man.

Happiness Is Not A Goal, But A By-Product.

The Greater Part Of Our Happiness Depends On Our Dispositions, And Not On Our Circumstances.

I Love My Job Only When I’m On Vacation.

Friends Come And Go, But Enemies Remain And Build Up.

FREE PUPPIES: Half Cocker Spaniel, Half Sneaky Neighbors Dog.

Behind Every Successful Man Is A Surprised Woman.

One Of The Sanest, Surest And Most Generous Joys Of Life Comes From Being Happy Over The Good Fortunes Of Others.

Being Happy Doesn’t Mean That Everything Is Perfect. It Means That You’ve Decided To Look Beyond The Imperfections.

Can Honestly Say They’s Feeling The Happiest They’s Felt In A Really Long Time 😀

You Won’t Have A Happy Life If You Worry About What Others Say About You.

The Great Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do.

Every Day May Not Be Good, But There’s Something Good In Every Day.

The Only Time You Fail Is When You Fall Down And Stay Down.

The Secret Of Being Happy Is Accepting Where You Are In Life And Making The Most Out Of Everyday.

It Is Not How Much We Have, But How Much We Enjoy, That Makes Happiness.

The True Measure Of Success Is How Many Times You Can Bounce Back From Failure.

Dwell On The Beauty Of Life. Watch The Stars, And See Yourself Running With Them.

If You Ever Lose My Trust, You Probably Will Never Get It Back.

The Happiest People Don’t Necessarily Have The Best Of Everything, They Just Make The Best Out Of Everything That Comes Their Way.

Being Happy Doesn’t Mean You’re Perfect. It Just Means You’ve Decided To Look Beyond The Imperfections.

Be Thankful For What You Have; You’ll End Up Having More. If You Concentrate On What You Don’t Have, You Will Never, Ever Have Enough.

There Are Some Shiny, Happy People Out There Who Seriously Need To Be Bitch-Slapped Back Into Reality. Just Sayin.

Being Happy Doesn’t Mean That Everything Is Perfect. It Means That You’ve Decided To Look Beyond The Imperfections.

Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened.

Rich Is The Person Who’s Happiness Requires No Money.

Be Happy Not Because Everything Is Good, But Because You Can See The Good In Everything.

You Like The Person If You Wish Him Happiness.

To Be Happy Does Not Only Mean Acquire Happiness But Also To Feel It.

Every Temporary Happiness Is Much Better Than Permanent Misery.

Don’t Fear The Enemy That Attacks You, But The Fake Friend That Hugs You.

I’m All Smiles And It’s All Because Of You 🙂 You Know Who You Are 😉

Good Friends Are Like Starts. You Don’t Always See Them. But You Know They Are There !

Love Is The Master Key That Opens The Gates Of Happiness.

If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them.

Don’t Worry. God Is Always On Time.

Born To Express Not To Impress.

Every Temporary Happiness Is Much Better Than Permanent Misery.

The Greatest Pleasure People Can Feel, Is Giving Happiness To Others.

True Happiness Is Not Expensive. If It Requires High Price It’s A Fake.

It Is Not How Much We Have, But How Much We Enjoy, That Makes Happiness.

Life Is Too Short To Spend Time With People Who Suck The Happiness Out Of You.


The Happiest Is The One Who Brings Happiness To The Greatest Number Of People.

If You Don’t Understand My Silence, You Will Not Understand My Words.

Everyone Can Make You Smile, But Only Certain People Can Make You Happy.

Happiness Is Not A Feeling… It Is A Choice.

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