Biggest Collection of One Liner Happy Birthday Quotes of the Year

Good Happy Birthday Quotes Image

Good Happy Birthday Quotes Image

Welcome to our Birthday Quotes Section. A Birthday is a marvelous chance to be happy, laugh and especially to accept the fact that today we are a little bit older than yesterday. Hopefully these Birthday Quotes and Birthday Wishes will help you to be more optimistic and happy on this happy day, So Let celebrates this happy birthday with sweet quotes.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Friend: Long time ago the world has been given a wonderful gift and it is you.

Every birthday we have deep thoughts about what we have accomplished in life. But the most important thought from all is to keep smiling for the years ahead.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes: I still remember my first day on earth I was so amazed that I didn’t talk to anybody for the first two years of my life.

Today is your birthday so take a vacation for a week just to relax and have fun. But more important – on your wife’s birthday tell her to take three years vacation.

Be happy on your birthday and never complain because those who are too old can’t complain anymore.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Her: Being young is all about personal feeling. You can be frothy years old and feel like you are fourteen.

Cakes are more delicious when you eat them on other people’s birthdays.

Your birthday will visit you each and every year even if you don’t do anything special.

Birthday Wishes Quotes: I finally reached the middle age and it is the best time I ever had since I’m no longer troubled with the problems of life.

When you were young you got a pretty face from mother nature but when you are old it’s the life you lived that responsible of how you look like.

Like every woman I am twenty two years old even if my real age is fifty three.

Happy Birthday Funny Quotes: More than wishing you a happy birthday I want to wish you that all your dreams will come true.

Can you really be happy on your birthday? Of course you can! It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you achieved your goals in the past year. Consternation on the good thing you still have and the lovely people that surrounds you everyday and make your life little bit easy.

Best Happy Birthday Quotes – The candles on your birthday representing the light of life and as the smoke fly high to the sky they take our wishes with them to god.

Did you ever wonder why your friends are happier on your birthday than theirs? Because it is always easier when something happened to others.

Be happy everyday don’t wait to your birthday for a yearly celebration, life is great and you can enjoy every minute of it. Start today and now.

Something special will happen to you every year it’s like karma of good deeds that keep on visiting you on the day that you have born.

Don’t be sad when the birth date is coming it is just a number, the most important is to keep on moving to the bright future as the candles light your path.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Quotes – You are not old it is just that I took you long time to be a young person.

If you will continue to say to people that you are younger than your kids will be older than you.

Life is joys so don’t be afraid to have fun and laugh.

Happy Birthday Short Quotes – You can choose your age.

I wish you long life even after 100!

Don’t retire at seventy if you feel that you still have vitality in your life.

If you will be good to people you will have lots of friends to celebrate with you on this special day.

At my age going down to tie my shoes is a mission impossible for my back.

Birthdays are like millstones it represent us the important events in our lives. You see, life is a mixture of good, bad, success, failure and many more. Everything is changing from year to year, not only our age but also we are changing even if we are not aware of it. And than one day we wake up at the age of forty eight and ask: how did I got here? How did I become that person? Remember that it is always the small changes that shape our personality and not the long years that go by.

You respect the summer only in the coldest winter night.

You have been born in a certain day this is what makes it so special.

Grow old as you are and don’t compare yourself with others because you are the best for me.

Life passes so fast; I didn’t have even one moment to rest. This is what beautiful on the middle age, not for vain they says that life looks very differently on that era. This is the time to invest in you without any obligations to others.

Keep on dreaming you can still success in everything you choose. There is no bad time to start a new adventure.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes – On this lovely day I wish you all the best and many more fun days.

Sometimes I just want to forget my birthday this might be the perfect gift. So next year please don’t remember this date.

Happy Birthday to you Quotes – Today it’s your time to be in the spot lights so enjoy this as much as you can.

At eighty two all I left with is memories so my advice is to make sure you live life to the fullest so when the time is up you will feel that your did something in this life that worth living.

You should be very happy today because you have become a wonderful person through the years. Yes it is true that you are no longer young, but you are better now. So even if there are things that you miss, you can still do them but also remember that this is the time to go on a new journey. Don’t live only in the past think about the next years as well.

A wise man will never want to be young and fool again. Think about it for a second, it will be very boring to do the same thing over and over again. Also don’t regret about what you might had in your life, if only the circumstances were little different. Live happy with what you accomplished.

The gates of heaven are open on every birth.

If I had counted the number of birthday parties I went to, than I would have been 400 years old.

Happy Birthday Blessings Quotes – Look forward to the birthdays that are waiting for you in the next years.

If you feel old it is because you stopped doing what you love. Explore your passion and be young again.

Time is a wonderful thing it can ease our pain, make us happy, engrave good memories and teach us there are always few more minutes on our side to do whatever we like.

Sweet Happy Birthday Quotes – I have no choice I have to live until 100 if I want to pay this mortgage.

You never stop being beautiful even if you grow.

Happy Birthday Best Wishes Quotes – There is a great joy in rising kids however they will make you older very fast.

You are still beautiful as the first day that I met you.

Happy Birthday Small Quotes – Get used to be young, feel like you are in youth and everybody else will see the better side of you.

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