Unique Gift Ideas of 20th Year Wedding Anniversary for Him or Her

20th Year Marriage Anniversary

The symbol for a 20th wedding anniversary is a China. Presenting your partner with a china vase is a very beautiful representation of your anniversary presentation. Putting her favorite flowers in it will highlight its beauty. You can also give her the best China crockery. She can fill it up with her china plates, bowls, spoons, cups and saucers. A China set deserves its own place in the kitchen or dining room area. There are several China figurines and keepsakes which will be a very symbolic gift to your partner. In keeping with the theme of China, you can also give a gift that is Asian inspired to be reminiscent of the 20th year.

20th Year Marriage Anniversary

Other 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts may be modern such as platinum jewelry, personalized anniversary keepsakes, beautiful personalized dishware, custom photo books, engraved bracelets, champagne flutes, anniversary caricature, sterling earrings and necklace for the wife and cuff-links for the husband.

Other anniversary gifts can come in chocolate baskets, Friday nights set which consist of his favorite snack, some wine to share with his buddies including some cigars. There are also spa baskets which you can give to your wife so she can enjoy after a stressful day at work or from the chores at home.

You could also get your partner affordable items such as his favorite book, movie, golf club, his favorite type of shirt, and his favored book. You can also fill his office up with technology gadgets such as a USB, disk holder, foldable keyboard or an iPad. Or you can also gift her with the newest in laptop technology that’s not only savvy but light weight as well.

20th Year Marriage Anniversary Gift

Together you can enjoy a relaxing day in a spa center starting off with a relaxing massage. You may also check on the other services that a spa center offers such as a sauna.

Going out of town and venturing into a new place is an exciting gift for a couple. Celebrating an anniversary out of town will be a breath of fresh air. Searching ahead of time for a preferred hotel or a packaged tour would be best so that you can prepare the items you shall such, especially the kind of clothing you will be wearing. Looking up popular restaurants and places to visit will add up to the fun of celebrating an anniversary in a new place with only just the two of you.

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