[*Best Collection] of Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Quotes and Gift Ideas

Wedding Anniversary for him

As the day approaches you think hard on the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your husband or partner. To avoid the insanity of cramming for one, it is deemed necessary to have numerous wedding anniversary wishes as you go along.

Wedding Anniversary for her

For her, a so called message in a bottle will be a romantic treat. Just like the famous novel turned hit motion picture, you can express your undying love for her by literally writing her a love letter and encasing it in a beautiful bottle. Every woman dreams of being adored this way. Diamond earrings, pendant or locket necklaces placed in a beautiful box make a special gift for her. Anniversary roses will never go out of style. You can even include a cuddly bear or miniature picture with it.

For a more unique presentation of roses, there are gold-dipped roses in a box, crystal roses and candy roses. Personalized apparel or lingerie which she can use on your second anniversary gift will be a very sexy gift for her. To pamper her, a spa basket which will include her favorite line of moisturizers, lotions, bubble baths and other bubbles treats will certainly delight her. The all time favorite gift of French chocolates will give her a love boost as well.

Wedding Anniversary for him

For him, fun gadgets that he can use in the office will be a great gift such as a roll up keyboard or a usb flash drive lighter. You can also have a unique personalized pub signs with different themes to choose from. The usual themes would be bar, sports or leisure themes. As an additional tip, you could even suggest a design of the animal year when you first met or the year that you were married. Bracelets are also a perfect gift your man that will get him to think about you all day. Sterling and titanium bracelets are popularly preferred with so many intricate and simple designs to choose from.

If he is a sports buff, sports inspired items such as personalized football frame or personalized set of four sports icon pint glasses that he can share with his friends will be a fun attraction to his collection. For your man of style silk ties, leather wallets and key holders will be a very useful gift for him. As an additional treat for the wallet, you can even insert concert or NFL seat tickets in it to surely surprise him. You can also give him a fanciful wine bottle holder which is especially crafted and comes in beautiful designs. You may want to check the lead time for order and shipment of theses items.

The Best Collection of Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Quotes

These wishes and greetings can be used for cards, gift tags, love notes, etc. Some of these quotes are from us, some from our site visitors, and some are from famous persons. Feel free to use these quotes as you see fit.

Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth.
-John Lyly, The Anatomy of Wit.

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.
-Martin Luther

Oh, how many torments lie in the small circle of a wedding ring!
-Colley Cibber, The Double Gallant, prologue.

May you have many more joyful years together!

True love is the bond that keeps your happiness together.

One of the most wonderful things in life is the discovery of two strangers who became one.

We wish you much happiness as you start your life together.

May your life together be filled with love and happiness.

May God bless your union together.

Remember the love you feel today. May it bring you together for as long as you live.

The woman or man you fell in love with will never grow old to you. Instead grow old with each other. Love each other as the years pass.

This day marks the start of your life together. May you be filled with love and understanding no matter what happens.

My wish for both of you is to fervently love each now and forever.

May this day be a start of your unending love and trust in each others arms.

Making the most out of every opportunity to show love for each other is my ardent wish for you. May your union be blessed with everything that your hearts desire.

May you fall in love with each other over and over again.

Now it is written, that you both shall be for each other. May you be blessed with a lifetime together.

May you share everything together—in happiness, in annoyance, in laughter and in madness!

This is a celebration of love, life and happiness. Cheers!

As you promised to love each other in sickness and in health, to death do you part; May this be your lifelong mantra to each other.

May you be blessed with kisses in the morning and hugs every night.

Marriage does not come through finding the right person, it comes with being the best person to be with. May you find it in you to be always so.

May the celebration of your union bring forth blessings and good luck to your married life in the years to come.

May your love story never have an ending—it should go on until forever.

Stay as happily in love with each other–come what may!

Love endures no matter what. May your love for each other endure the trials and obstacles that may come to your married life.

May your marriage be a reminder of the special promise you made before God and with yourselves.

May your life be filled with the love and passion to weather any storm that may come your way.

Be inspired with waking up in each others arms every day. May you share many more of endless mornings with each other!

May God shower your marriage with blessings of love as you start your life as one.

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